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Minimalist Architect

What is it about minimalism which makes so much sense?
Is it the absence of chaos?Is it an opportunity to be with what is absolutely essential & required?or is it a mindset. An approach to simplify life?Is it just fashionable statement or an Avant Garde moment to declare? Maybe it is all of the above or it is a choice which makes (can be at any stage of life). But one thing has become quite clear to me as an architect that minimalism looks like an idealists approach (given the chaos of things that we are subjected to in our everyday life), but it is a tough call to make it real. Our hole life is revolving around capitalist movements and our highly consumer driven surrounding, so knowingly we are part of it from early on in our life (this does exclude certain section of people).

Over 10 years of my architectural design practice I have been trying to do what works best for the project, the client and to me (do notice the hierarchical order of choice that I have allowed over the year…

Instagrammable Architecture!

We are all smitten by new ways of socialising and one making the rounds around the block is Instagram. It is almost 8 years back that this new media platform was launched and before anyone got started with it they rather seemed bemused by the idea itself. With a great leap of faith most of them made a transition from Facebook and twitter to Instagram as it is more INSTant. Also, the glamour of sharing your pictures with a hashtag which can be seen by anyone who is not even your friend vouched more connection (doesn't matter if they are even surreal).

So where does it leave me and our architectural design firm SDM Architects.
With much coaxing from our current and ex-staff we were privileged to be enlightened with the idea of Instagram in March 2018 (after 8 years of hibernation). Following that we never stopped and started our race to get the best and the better pictures that we can broadcast of us, our work and our futuristic ideas. But within months of rigorous and painstaking pla…