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Challenges of designing a House on a Narrow Plot in India

It is very common to find plots in India which are very narrow in shape, with very minimal dimensions on the front side of the plot that usually abuts the road. Most often than not it shares a common plot boundary line with its neighbouring plots on two sides or even on all three sides. This makes it very critical to design a house as there is no setback space left for a walk around the house in case of fire, which means there will be no space for providing windows or openings on its sides which are critical for light and ventilation of the rooms. In such scenarios, a light well, shaft or a central courtyard is what we prefer to consider. There are variety of ways a skylight can be incorporated over the central court of the house, but is it good enough? So, in the quest to have more light, ventilation and a view from inside to outside is necessary and here are some ideas which may be considered while designing.
As light and ventilation go hand in hand it is essential to have split…

Importance of a Pre-School Interior Design

A child starts learning very early on in his/her life. Most of it begins very much at home and as a child has a very absorbent mind (as quoted by Maria Montessori for age 0 to 3) they learn a great deal by purely observing things and activities surrounding them.  Most of their time is spent for sleep, food, bath, etc but most essential part of their awake time is spent into observing and communicating. A home is a comfortable & protected environment for a child where they initiate relating to people, space and things on there own. From the time they are born they start with observation as there is so much to see, but after a point of time they are keen to have varied experiences which enriches there quest to know more. This is when a place like Pre-School comes into play which is a safe environment for them to be in and also provides them with enough opportunity for stimulating there interests. So a pre-school has to be well thought off and designed as

1. It provided the initial gr…