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Pre School Interior Design at Andheri, Mumbai by SDM Architects

Early education has its own advantages and now it seems to be the time when more and more parents are keen on such facilities. With more working parents in the city and less family support to raise a young child, the time demands for institutions like these which are not as informal as home and not very formal as a primary school. Rather they are an amalgamation of exploratory space with toys, props, teaching staff, other kids, etc to provide enough opportunity for play and learn.

Our story of human evolution has explained us how each of our younger generation is better off than the previous one. This is not just due to the advancement in the gene pool but also to be credited towards the freedom of exploration, observation and learning. With these three basic principals of the school as the benchmark we designed a joyful environment for children of age group from 1.5 years to 6 years of age. The intent has been to create a serene and simple space for young minds to explore without too …