Exhibition Space Design for Clarity Corporation at 3D Printing Expo held at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai

The exhibition was about 3D Printing Technology from all over the world and also about 3D Printing services that are available in our country. Together the event was meant to broadcast the cutting edge 3D Printing technology that is available to professional designers to doctors to engineers to basic design enthusiasts. So the exhibition space design needed to be developed well in consultation with the team at clarity3dprintng so they commissioned us to design a simple & elegant installation art kind of space which directly explains the essence of this technology. The event really captured the enthusiasm of SDM Architects as we are one of the few Architectural design firms based in Mumbai who started using a 3D Printer for making 3D Printed models of our projects.  The interior design of the exhibition space makes use of humble folded paper and 3D Printed Text which explores the nature of 3D Printing objects, either virtual, real or imaginary. As the technology has been evolving for past 30 years, it was essential to showcase this evolving technology for mass market use rather than just industrial / commercial use. The branding & design of the exhibition space presented a fresh look at how design consultancies are moving towards usage of technology for faster realisation of their ideas in the form of a 3D Printed object.

Overall the exhibition celebrates this innovative technology which is about to make extraordinary changes in the field of design and manufacturing. The exhibition is part of one of many global 3D Printing events which are held from time to time.


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