Resort Project at Istnabul, Turkey

​The project is located close to the city of Istanbul which attracts approximately 31.45 Million tourists each year for its culture, food, spa & health along with eco-tourism. Our client was interested in developing this 4.9 Acres (20,000 Sq.M.) of land into an eco-resort as the plot is well placed with a good cluster of trees including pine, oak, maritime, etc. This deciduous plantation allowed for developing a resort with 30 pre-fab individual residences which are triangular in shape and design.

The site was divided into three main sections, which are:
1. The Main Entertainment Building with Lobby, Game zone, Kitchen and Dining
2. The other being the residence area (includes 30 units for stay) which are very well accommodated within the huge cluster of trees, and
3. The last zone includes the large swimming pool along with few stay units next to the large garden for walks, play and relaxation.
These units are arranged in clusters to provide a sense of community, but still manages to maintain a sense of privacy for each private bungalow unit. The keen spirit of the place was to maintain the natural flora and fauna and to strategically develop the overall master plan with pre-fab stay units which doesn't hamper the natural ecosystem. Most of the paths and connectivity are winding so as to create a sense of surprise and also enhance the spirit of enjoying a life in nature.
The project also targeted to have a sustainable development which can be maintained well over the years. So the pre-fab units were installed with solar roofing cells. 


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