SDM Architects is one of the leading industrial architects in Mumbai, India

SDM Architects has extensive experience of projects in the industrial sector.  We believe that an industrial architect should first understand a production process in great detail, and then design the building to suit this process.  The building is only an envelope that enables the smooth functioning of the industrial process.

SDMA is also experienced in Master Planning of Industrial Complexes.

For every industrial building, SDMA will study the following in detail:
  • Raw Materials: how they are brought in, unloaded, and stored
  • Production Process: as industrial building designers we study the production process in great detail
  • Circulation Efficiency: if 250 people are made to walk an extra 1 minute to the toilet, that is a loss of over 15,000 man-hours per year! Therefore an idustrial architect should take great pains to ensure the efficiency of an industrial building design.  Similarly, the path of movement of materials should also be optimised
  • Finished Goods Storage: a well-designed finished goods warehouse with proper storage heights and accessways is essential to the functioning of a manufacturing plant
  • Packing and Loading: are also vital areas that should be designed carefully.  The industrial architect should plan a layout with the correct movement corridors and turning spaces, especially if forklifts are used.
  • Utilities: are the backbone of your plant.  Do you need captive power, backup power, and emergency power?  How about compressed air, vacuum, or gas supply systems? Firefighting systems are a key requirement for safety. SDM Architects works with the best building services engineers in the industry to specify high-qualiity, low-maintenance equipment and also to design buildings that house these securely and allow easy maintenance.
  • Sustainability: SDMA has for years been designing buildings that make full use of natural lighting.  These days, the science of sustainable design has grown by leaps and bounds and we have kept pace.  Read more here.

View our projects in industrial building design.

Our clients include:
Can Pack India, a leading MNC in aluminum can manufacturing
Oerlikon, a huge german-swiss machine tools and technology company
Magicut Tools, Palghar, near Mumbai
ACCRA Pac India


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