Competition Project Design by SDM Architects - Jan 2013

Odisha State Museum Galleries 
Design Competition
January 2013

Orissa State Museum is an old structure built in 1980's. The space is a huge with a large central courtyard and the layout is very similar to Calcutta State Museum, but the items for display is much lesser than them. Regarding the same the state government wants to start renovating 3 existing gallery space and design 2 new gallery spaces. So we worked on 4 of these gallery spaces which are shared here through the final layouts and views for them along with the rough sketches of our thought process.

The galleries designed are:

1. Mining & Geology Gallery

2. Freedom Fighters Gallery

3. Odisha through Ages Gallery

4. Patta Painting Gallery

These galleries are of different sizes but the grand heights of these different rooms gave us the possibility of working on some interesting gallery designs. Each of these galleries have there unique identity and layout design as per the items that needs to be displayed.

Odisha State Museum Competition done by Mumbai architect SDM Architects


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