Working on different Bedroom layouts to suit an high rise Hotel Project

We have been working on this hotel project for quite some time now. The site is within city limits which has obstructed the size of the plot, but the location for the same is quite significant which coaxed our client to move further with the proposal. The idea is to have layout which is developed on the basis of the best Bedroom layout with a fantastic view to it. All the rooms are meant to have a great view, which is quite a struggle on its own. Other than that it is bit difficult to fit in all the ancillary requirements of having one kitchen for 2 different types of restaurants serving separate cuisines and client. 

So here we are sharing our work in progress for this hotel project through different Layouts of Bedroom which will work the best.

B E D R O O M     L A Y O U T   1

B E D R O O M     L A Y O U T  2

B E D R O O M     L A Y O U T  3 

B E D R O O M     L A Y O U T  4 

B E D R O O M     L A Y O U T  5


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